The Solar Federation

The Feds are a race of humanoid Homo-Sapiens. For the first few millennia of this race’s existence they did not do much more than grub among the rocks and plants in order to squeeze out a meager existence, not much more than simple animals. Living more as prey than predator, they somehow reproduced and survived..

As the technological advances of this race increased so to did their animosity towards each other. This hostility towards one another grew and grew until the planet was on the brink of total annihilation and the race was facing extinction at their own hands.

While standing on this precipice to doom the planet received a message from space. A small excerpt from the message follows:

“. . . we shall come to you with our superior forces and technology and crush your insignificant race. We shall bind you to us as slaves and pets. Our enemies . . . ”

To this date it is still unclear which of the space-faring races was responsible for this broadcast. It is uncertain as to whether or not the message was even directed at the people who received it. Whether or not it was directed at these people is unimportant, the results of the broadcast was nothing short of amazing.

Within a week the people of the planet had put aside their differences and had unified themselves in an effort to develop a defense against this unseen foe. They formed a centralized government called The Solar Federation (a.k.a. The Feds).

This unified government was able to abolish almost all poverty and crime. At this point the Feds focused all of their energies into the research and development of space travel and space warfare technology. These people had learned that if you are going to fight a war you might as well make sure that the things you are fighting are not of your own species and that you are ready.

Within just a few years the Solar Federation had developed quite an array of different space vehicles (both capital and freighter) and quite an assortment of weaponry. They were set and ready. They decided that at this time it would be a good idea to expand their race beyond just one planet. Besides providing a greater mineral and economic base this would allow them to build a buffer between their homeworld and any enemy that might be coming to attack them.

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