Host Order of Operations

By: Tim Wisseman

Update of clientside-actions:

– own cargotransfers
– planetary structures built
– starbases built
– alliance codes checked
– jettison from ships
– lock towbeam

Cheat detect

Meteor shower
Sensor sweep & bioscan
Loki first decloak
Cloak fail
Superspy deluxe (Fcode change)
Minefield fcodes established
Lady Royale generates MCs
Most Mission 9, in order of ID:

-Build fighters (incl. ‘lfm’)
-Repair Self (Borg)
-Dark sense

Cargo drop (ship – planet)

– including Imperial Assault
– including Ground Combat

Transfers (ship to foreign ship)
Beam transfer fcodes (by ID)

– including give ships (gsX)

Planets beam up money (“bum”)
Gather missions
Lay mines
Lay web mines
Ion storms:

-decloak ships
-damage ships
-drag ships
-new storms formed
-affect minefields

Mine sweep/scoop
Mine decay
Mines destroy mines
New minefield fcodes established
Web drain
Starbases fix or recycle ships
First build new ships
Clone ships
Super refit
Force a surrender at starbase
Mass check, repair & mkt
Towing ships move
Cobol Ramscoop makes fuel
Warpwell calculation
Most ships move (Incl. HYP)
Cobol Ramscoop makes fuel
Warpwell calculation
Intercepting ships move
Cobol Ramscoop makes fuel
Warpwell calculation
Glory device ships detonate
Firecloud chunnel
Loki second decloak
Starbase Primary Orders
Starbases build ‘free’ fighters
Starbases dump parts (dmp)
Mass check, repair & mkt
New natives appear
Colonise ships
Loki third decloak
Glory device ships detonate
Mass check, repair & mkt
Ship vs. ship combat
Borg gather debris
Mass check, repair & mkt
Ship vs. planet/base combat
Minefield fcodes established
Structure decay
Fascists Pillage planets
Rebel Ground Attack
Happiness change computed
Supplies produced (inc Bovinoids)
Taxes produce MCs (if HP > 30)
Borg assimilate natives
Population growth (if HP > 69)
Overpopulation dies/eats supplies
Amorphous worms eat clans
Civil wars
Mines produce minerals
Trans-uranium mutation
Second ship build
Mass check, repair & mkt
Superspy / Explore
Make score log
PBP Messages

Mass check, repair & mkt
Dump old messages
Count UFO’s

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