Jump Gate

Authors: Dan & Dave

Copyright (C) 1995-1996 Dave Killingsworth All rights reserved.
VGA Planets is a trademark of Tim Wisseman


Jump Gate is an add-on utility for VGA Planets 3.5 that takes advantage of the AUXHOST features found in HOST 3.20. This add-on provides the capability for players to Build, Attack, and Repair Jump Gates as well as using them as a form of travel. Four new friendly codes are introduced with this program. They are case sensitive and as follows:

BJG – Build Jump Gate
AJG – Attack Jump Gate
RJG – Repair Jump Gate
Jnn – Jump to Jump Gate ID# nn

With the convenience of controlled hyperspace travel comes risk. Each time a ship travels via Jump Gate, there is a small chance that an alien ship will exit the destination Jump Gate with the traveler. The aliens are a warrior race, intent on conquering all that they see. They will conquer the entire Echo Cluster unless stopped.


Jump Gate contains two programs:


Place these programs in the same directory that HOST normally runs from. Jump Gate requires access the the VGA Planets databases (HULLSPEC.DAT, BEAMSPEC.DAT, etc.) as well as the host databases (SHIP.HST, XYPLAN.HST, etc.).

New Game Setup

Before Jump Gate can be used the configuration program, JGCONFIG.EXE, must be run. JGCONFIG accepts one command line parameter, the DOS path to the game directory. For example; to configure a new game in E:\


When JGCONFIG starts, a configuration dialog will be displayed. Notice that the DOS path provided on the command line is displayed in the Path to Game Directory edit box.

Default values are automatically provided. Change them to suit the requirements of the game. Each value has valid ranges and all changes must be within the valid ranges.

Select the OK button when all changes have been made. The following files will be written to the Game Directory:


After the configuration file is saved a confirmation dialog will be shown at which time if YES is selected the Jump Gate database will be initialized. Additionally, the UFO database will updated by adding the first Jump Gate and removing any old records used by Jump Gate.

These files are written to during initialization:


The config program will write and modify all necessary files.

Build Jump Gate

If the ship’s friendly code is set to BJG, an attempt to build a Jump Gate will take place. Jump Gates can only be built by Super Transport Freighters, sine one ship must have all of the building materials on board. The amount of building materials required to build a Jumpgate are configurable by the host. The host can configure the amount of Neutronium, Tritanium, Duranium, Molybdenum, and Supplies that are needed up to a 2600 KT cargo maximum.

Additionally, there are restrictions on the number of Jump Gates allowed in the game. Jump Gates will only be built if there is room in the UFO database for one, the maximum number of Jump Gates has not been reached, and the desired location for the Jump Gate is at least 5.01 light years from the nearest planet. Jump Gates will be assigned a random ID# between 01-99 from the range of numbers available in the UFO database.

Repair Jump Gate

Jump Gates can be repaired by any ship carrying supplies and has its friendly code set to RJG. One point of damage is repaired for every five supplies on board the ship.

Attack Jump Gate

Any ship that has beam weapons in excess of Tech 2 can attack a Jump Gate by setting its friendly code to AJG. Any ship that meets these restrictions will attack a Jump Gate that is at the same location as the ship. Damage done to the Jump Gate is as follows:

Number of Beams * Beam Explosive Power

A Nocturne destroyer with Heavy Phasers would do ( 4 * 45 ) 180 points of damage while a Disruptor equipped Nocturne would do ( 4 * 20 ) 80 points of damage. Damage does not effect the ability of the Jump Gate to operate, unless, of course, it is destroyed.

Note: The Ancient Jumpgate is not able to be destroyed.

Jump Gate Travel

Any ship that is at a Jump Gate and has its friendly code set to Jnn, where nn is the ID number of the destination Jump Gate, will travel to the destination Jump Gate. It will arrive with its speed and destination waypoint set to zero. It will travel at no cost in fuel. Builders of Jump Gates will be informed when foreigners use their Jump Gates. They will be told what kind of ship came through the gate and who owned the ship.

Note: Ships with ZERO fuel can not travel via a Jump Gate.

Alien Marauders

Each time a Jump Gate is used, there is a small chance that an alien ship will exit out of the destination Jump Gate with the traveler. This alien vessel will go on a rampage, attacking planets, attempting to conquer the Echo Cluster.

The creation of Alien Marauders can be turned off in the configuration program.

Jump Gate Messages

Setting a friendly code of ‘con’ on one of your planets will send the player a message that lists the configuration settings of the JumpGate program. (This is the same fcode that Tim uses in HOST 3.2 for this same purpose).

Jump Gates will send their owners a variety of messages over the course of the game. These messages range as follows:

A message telling you its damage level, in points.

A message telling you how many ships have passed through the Jump Gate, to date.

A message telling you if the Jump Gate has been attacked.

A message telling you if an enemy has passed through one of “your” Jump Gates.

Jumpgate Sequence of Events

Load Jump Gates
Verify Jump Gates
Load Alien Ships
Verify Alien Ships
Gather Ship Friendly Codes
Attack Jump Gates
Repair Jump Gates
Travel Via Jump Gates
If Travelers > 0
Check for new Alien
Build Jump Gates
If Aliens > 0
Move Alien Ships
Restock Alien Ships

Jump Gate for VGA Planets 3.5

  • Design:
    Dave Killingsworth & Dan Gale
  • Special Consultation:
    Tim Wisseman
  • Programming:
    Dan Gale
  • Documentation:
    Dan Gale & Dave Killingsworth
  • BMP Artwork:
    Mark Stewart & Kenneth Wisseman

HOSTS—- You need to give a copy of this DOC file to your players !!!
You also need to give them copies of all BMP files you find in the ZIP file you got this program from. Tell them that they need to place the BMP files in the sub directory (labeled BMP) under their WINPLAN directory. This will give them the BMP’s they need to see the in the pictures associated to the messaging system.

If you do not have the BMPS.exe file go to the Dan and Dave Software Center Web page:
http://users.aol.com/capstern/index.html go to the link for BMPS, DOCs and other things


Thank you for your interest.

Dave Killingsworth
Sysop Of Dan and Dave’s BBS 916-345-6447
Co-sysop of Warp Speed and Tim Continuum
Dan Gale
Sysop of Dan and Dave’s BBS 916-345-6447

or contact us via the internet
[email protected]
[email protected]

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