The Crystalline People

The Crystalline People are a form of living rock. They are silicon based in nature and are approximately three feet tall. They have developed telekinetic mental abilities and this mental prowess has allowed them to build and fly starships.

The Crystalline People did not evolve like the other races in the Echo Cluster. Where most of the other races evolved from living organic material in a cosmically short period of time, the Crystalline People evolved from rocks and it was a very long process. The Crystalline People are believed to be the oldest of all of the races, based upon the believed start of each of the races.

The Crystalline People started out as large nodules of silicon clumped together in the deserts of their homeworld. These small clusters of silicon, over time, started to accumulate and store energy from the sun that the planet was orbiting.

These clusters started to grow in size as the energy from the sun was processed. These clusters of silicon eventually began to grow and generate their own electrical impulses. These impulses resembled the electrical impulses seen in humanoid brain activity. It appeared as though these silicon clusters were starting to develop into a life form.

Eventually the silicon clusters evolved and grew into a living creatures of rock. These life forms started to develop social and scientific skills. After a few millennium these life forms were becoming just as advanced as all of the other races in the Echo cluster. They developed space travel and the capacity to make war. This was when this race became known as the Crystalline People.

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