Author: Kenneth Strom

Homeworld is for use with VGA Planets (C) Tim Wisseman

Quick Start

Put the HOMEWRLD.EXE file in your main VGA Planets directory. Add the following, or create auxhost2.ini and add this line.

HOMEWRLD <game directory>

Run your normal host routine.

For Linux or BSD Versions add the following line.

homewrld <*.dat directory(usually the vgap dir)> <game directory>


I have had several requests to make a program that make the race’s home world have some added value and added effects if it is captured by another race. So here it is.

Home World operates very simply. If the home world is captured from the original owner of the home world, some of the original owner’s planets and ship may join the new owner. If the original owner of the home world recaptures it from an invader, some of the invader’s planets may join the original owner. If the home world is destroyed, but not occupied, as when you capture the Crystals 100 temp home world, the effects are halved.

Any planet or ship that does join another race will probably have some damage or loss of crew/colonists, as the loyalists had to be disposed of before the ship or planet could join a new race.

HWCFG.EXE allows hosts to modify the configuration to increase or decrease the possibility of joining the winning team.

Effect Radius

Only planets and ships that are not cloaked, within this radius have a chance of joining the new owner of the home world. The chance of joining goes down the further away the planet or ship is from the home world.

Maximum Happiness

This is the maximum happiness loss from planets that do not join the new owner of the home world. This is a factor which represents the colonists reaction to the news that the home world has been taken.

Auto Happiness

This is the amount of happiness that is lost by the old owner and gained by the new owner on all planets when there is a change in ownership of a home world. Capturing a home world is good, and the colonists are happy, losing the home world is bad, and the colonists become unhappy.

Chance of Joining Capturing Race

This determines the basic percent chance of a planet or ship joining the capturing race.

Crew Effects Joining

Yes or No.
If this is set to yes, any ships having a chance to joining will lower the chance depending on how many crew members are currently on the ship. This means small ships join easily, while larger combat vessels don’t. It is easy to believe that a loaded battleship will remain loyal while a scout ship crew would want to stay alive.

Temp Effect Joining

Yes or No.
If this is set to yes, an adjustment will be made dependent on the temperature of the planet to the chance of joining.

Crystals Like It Hot

Yes or No.
This is necessary to determine what adjustment is made for temperature on planets.

Population Effects Joining

Yes or No.
If this is set to yes, it acts similarly to the effects of Crew Effects Joining. The higher the population the less likely it is to join the new race.

Star Base Effects Joining

Yes or No.
If this is set to yes, the star bases defense level will determine the adjustment to the planet joining the new race.

Time Effects Joining

Yes or No.
If this is set to yes, the longer the planet has been owner by the current owner the less likely it is to join the new race.

A message is sent for each planet or ship changing owner.

*** NEW ***

Capture and Kill Mode.

Capture Mode – The race taking the HW gets all the enemies ships planets and bases. If the HW is destroyed, but no one occupies it, as in the case of the Rebels capturing it by combat, and still RGAing the HW, there is only a 50 percent chance that a planet or ship will join the race destroying the HW, the other 50 percent of the time the planet or ship is destroyed.

Kill Mode – When a HW is captured or destroyed, all remaining planets and ships belonging to the race of the HW are destroyed.

When using Capture Mode or Kill mode ranges and the other switches listed above, don’t work.

Version 1.00 – First Release 2/17/98

Version 1.02 – Fixed bug causing crashes on 200Mhz+ computers, and added new switches to allow player elimination if set.

Version 1.03 – Recompiled unit for easier dos use and Linux and BSD systems.

Version 1.04 – New compiling.

Any questions, or comments can be sent to me at

[email protected]

Copyright 1999 Kenneth A Strom

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