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Copyright (C) 1995-1996 Dave Killingsworth – All Rights Reserved


Tachyon is an add-on utility for VGA Planets 3.5 that takes advantage of the AUXHOST features found in HOST 3.20. This add-on provides the capability for players to build and incorporate Tachyon Pulse Generators into 2 of their ships. This device will allow the player to burn fuel and fire a pulse of Tachyon energy into space. This pulse will uncloak any ships that are cloaked with in its pulse radius.

Two new friendly codes are introduced with this program. They ARE case sensitive, the (n) represents the distance of the pulse in 10’s of Light Years, they are as follows:

TPn – Tachyon Pulse at (n) time ten light years (0=10)
ITD – Incorporate Tachyon Device (planet friendly code)

With the added ability to thwart cloaked vessels come some extreme costs. This is the large base fuel cost needed to fire a Tachyon Pulse.


Tachyon contains two programs:


Place these programs in the same directory that the HOST normally runs from. Tachyon requires access to the VGA Planets database (HULLSPEC.DAT, BEAMSPEC.DAT, ect) as well as the Host database (SHIP.HST, XYPLAN.HST, ect.).

New Game Setup

Before Tachyon can be used the configuration program TACONFIG.EXE, must be run. TACONFIG accepts one command line parameter, the DOS path to the host directory. For example; to configure a new game in E:\PLANETS\NEWGAME type:


When TACONFIG starts, a configuration dialog will be displayed. Notice that the DOS path provided on the command line is displayed in the Path to Game Directory edit box.


Default values are automatically provided. Change them to suit the requirements of the game. Each value has valid ranges and all changes must be within the valid ranges.

Select the OK button when all changes have been made. The following file will be written to the Game Directory:


After the configuration file has been saved a confirmation dialog will be shown at which time, if YES is selected the Tachyon database will be initialized. These files are written to during initialization:


The configuration program will create and update all necessary files needed to run this program.

Tachyon Device Construction Requirements

To construct a Tachyon device and incorporate it into a hull, you need to have a ship in orbit around a starbase and the starbase needs to have tech10 beam technology. The following resources present on the surface of the planet:

80 Tritanium
110 Duranium
210 Molybdenum
200 Supplies
2000 megacredits

If these requirements are met you have the capability of constructing a Tachyon device. If you are lacking any of these resources or requirements you will be unable to build a Tachyon device.

Installing a Tachyon Device

To install the device on to a ship you need to select the FIX mission from the main starbase and a planet friendly code of ITD . When you set these conditions the Tachyon device (which can only be constructed on the same turn it is installed) will be placed on to the ship that was the target of the FIX mission on the starbase.

You will receive a message for a few turns reminding you which ship is equipped with a Tachyon device, so take note, this message will stop eventually.

Tachyon Device Limitations

Tachyon devices can only be constructed in the same turn they are installed. Each race can only build two (2) devices per game. That means over the entire course of the game only two (2) devices can be made and installed on your vessels. Even if the ship is captured or destroyed, you CAN NOT build another device and install it on one of your ships.

If you capture a Tachyon equipped vessel and already have two (2) of your ships equipped with Tachyon devices, this is OK. The rule and code state that you can only BUILD two (2), there is no limit to the number of devices you can control and operate.

Using a Tachyon Device

To use a Tachyon device, you need to have a ship equipped with this device. If a vessel is equipped with a Tachyon device you need to make sure it has fuel and then you decide on how many light years of space you want to effect with the Tachyon device.

Once this is determine the range you set your ships friendly code to TP(n), where (n) is a number between 0-9. This number times 10 (0=10) will be the radius of the Tachyon pulse circle. (i.e., TP0 = a pulse of 100 light year radius.)

Cost of Using The Tachyon Device

The Tachyon device has a base fuel (Neutronium) cost of 200 KT per Tachyon firing. The amount of fuel actually used is based on the radius of the pulse fired. The radius of the pulse is equal to the percentage of the 200 KT base fuel cost.

(i.e., TP5 = 50 Light Year Pulse — 50 light years = 50% of the 200 KT base fuel cost, thus a 50 LY pulse costs 100 KT of fuel = 200 (base) *.5 (50%).

Effects of a Tachyon Pulse

When a Tachyon pulse is fired it will decloak all vessels in the pulse radius area. The uncloaking will cause their mission to be reset to Exploration. This is caused by the electrical disruption cased by the Tachyon pulse. This decloak will last until the other player resets their mission. So yes, an enemy vessel will be uncloaked for the whole processing of the host (turn).

Warning: The pulse will uncloak your own ships too. And any vessel struck by a Tachyon pulse will receive a message telling them the x,y of the origination point of the pulse and the ID# of the ship that fired it.

When do These Missions Happen?

HOST Sequence
Load Tachyon
Verify Tachyon
Gather Ship Friendly Codes
Gather Planet Friendly Codes
Tachyon Ping
Build New Tachyon Device
Send Tachyon Status Messages

Tachyon for VGA Planets 3.5

  • Design:
    Dave Killingsworth & Dan Gale
  • Special Consulting:
    Tim Wisseman
  • Programming:
    Dan Gale
  • Documentation:
    Dan Gale & Dave Killingsworth
  • BMP Artwork:
    Mark Stewart

Copyright (c) 1995-1996 Dave Killingsworth All Rights Reserved

HOSTS—- You need to give a copy of this DOC file to your players !!!
You also need to give them copies of all BMP files you find in the ZIP file you got this program from. Tell them that they need to place the BMP files in the sub directory (labeled BMP) under their WINPLAN directory. This will give them the BMP’s they need to see the in the pictures associated to the messaging system.

If you do not have the BMPS.exe file go to the Dan and Dave Software Center Web page:
http://users.aol.com/capstern/index.html go to the link for BMPS, DOCs and other things


Thank you for your interest.

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Dan Gale
Sysop of Dan and Dave’s BBS 916-345-6447

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