Gryphon Order of Operations

Author: Oleg Shvartsman

I have completely rewritten the Nemesis-type calling engine. Now, instead of calling each ability in turn and then looking at each ship or planet, now I look through ships and planets and then call each ability if the appropriate friendly code is detected. In my estimate, it is about 70% faster, saving time in procedure calling overhead and repeated loops. In addition, the new convention makes the order of operations much easier to remember; there is less of a need to consult a doc file to see when something is called.

So, each ability is called in the order of the ship or planet ID number, planets first, then ships, with some exceptions. Since host now assigns random IDs to newly built ships, there should not be a problem with certain races having an unfair advantage.

Exceptions to OOO:
The following abilities are performed in order AFTER the main loop in Gryphon1 (before movement and combat):

  • Deploy Beacons
  • Fascist Missiles
  • All Rebel Deep Space Base operations
  • Colonial Base attack
  • Ion Control
  • Build/launch/explode Antimatter Missiles
  • Tank landing on planets
  • Colonist Landing on Planets (fighting Combots/tanks)

The following special abilities are done in ship-id order in GryphonBC (after movement, before combat):

  • T-Rex Antifighter Mines
  • Cube Intercept
  • Red Wind fighter Steal
  • Crystal Oscillator

The following special abilities are done in ship-id order in Gryphon2 (after movement and after combat):

  • Hyper-Moscow and Hyper-Sage
  • Colonists return from gambling
  • Unload Lizard Cryo Holds
  • Honor Device
  • Move antimatter missiles
  • Colonial Base Assault
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