The Fascists

This is a race of very powerful and hostile humanoids. They usually have dark complexions and have an “armored” cranium. The entire race adheres to a very strict and violent code of honor. Even the Fascists ideas of death and war are intertwined with their honor code.

The Fascists evolved on a very hostile and barren planet. The planets surface was mostly desert or volcanic mountains. These conditions left no room for weakness. This was how the Fascists became very dependent on one another for survival. Hence the creation of their honor system. This system is very strict and the Fascists believe in it and adhere to it, almost as if it were a religion and a fundamental part of their lives.

Although these people believe very strongly in helping and protecting one another they can not curb their aggressive nature. They still act aggressively towards each other. Fights to prove manhood (womanhood) and fights of honor are still very common, even in this day and age. No matter how far they have progressed technologically they are still very barbaric socially.

As they grew into their own technologically, the Fascists were able to terraform their planet by the use of pure physical labor (the children referred to this work time as recess). They were able to develop space travel and warfare technology. They were, also, able to create a warped spatial field generator (much like the Bird Men’s).

At this “good” time in the history of the Fascists they experienced a very strange occurrence on their planet. The planet started to receive strange and alien signals from space. As the scientists were attempting to determine the source of the signals, the source made itself very obvious.

The source of the signals was some strange alien probe. This probe was apparently a derelict and out of control. It was plummeting directly into the atmosphere of the planet. By the time this information was available the probe was already burning up in the atmosphere of the planet.

Unfortunately the armor plating of the probe did not allow it to burn up totally in the atmosphere of the planet. As bad luck would have it the remaining portion of the probe fell out of the upper atmosphere of the planet and landed directly on top of the palace of the ruling Czar of the Fascists Empire . The chunk of probe collapsed the palace killing the Czar and his entire family.

With the royal family dead the Fascists military seized control of the government and has not relinquished that control since. The pieces of the probe were recovered but there was not enough of it left to identify it’s origins.

The new military government took this as an omen that other races are not to be trusted. They started full scale research and development of even newer and more powerful starships than they already possessed. They wanted to be prepared to meet any other race in space, now that they knew there were other races, and destroy them.

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