The Colonies of Man

History speaks of the lords of Kobol as beings of vast knowledge and intellect, as a race of men who became the pinnacle of human achievement; it was they who sent out the Thirteen Tribes of Man to colonize the planets of the Cyranus System and extend the human species to the stars.

The children forged new worlds-among them Caprica, Tauron, Gemoni, Virgon, Picon, Aeries, Scorpius, and Sagitara-which became the twelve colonies. The Colonials sought to emulate their progenitors, and in their arrogance, they created the Robots, intelligent machines capable of sentient thought, which would serve them, think for them, and fight for them. But one day the machines rebelled and turned on their masters. Seeing humans as weak, worthless beings, the Robots embarked on a campaign to exterminate their creators.

The bloody uprising of the Robots ended when the Colonials exiled them to the stars, but this was just the opening salvo in a long and hard conflict between man and machine. Then came the war. The first conflict with the Robotic Imperium lasted for over a decade. Foremost in the fight against the machines is the colonial fleet of Virgo Class Battlestar’s, huge starships equipped with myriad weapons and squadrons of fighter ships known as Vipers.

The battlestars’s are the pride and joy of the Colonial Fleet. The first five battlestars commissioned by the Colonial fleet were the Columbia, Rycon, Atlantia, Pegasus, and Galactica. The seven battlestar’s Pacifica, Triton, Acropolis, Solaria, Promotheus, Argo and Poseidon were built during the Robotic War giving the total Colonial Fleet twelve battlestar’s with one representing each Colony. The battlestars played a key role in defeating their former android slaves, the Robots.

Following the defeat of the Robots forty years ago, the colonials built Armistice Station as a place for both the Robots and the Twelve Colonies of Kobol to meet in order to maintain a peaceful dialogue between both races. Each year the Colonies sent a representative, but the Robots were never seen nor heard from.

Over the next four decades the Colonial Fleet would mushroom to one hundred twenty battlestar’s. The Colonial Fleet seemed invincible on the eve of the Robotic Imperium’s attack. Armistice Station was the first target by the Robots during the renewal of hostilities. It was destroyed completely by a second generation Instrumentality Basestar.

The Robots had infiltrated the Colonials defense network and introduced virus’s rendering it useless. Vipers and Battlestars that relied on the network were adrift in open space as the Robots shut down the fleets systems. The Colonial fleet was helpless as the Robots picked off their ships one by one, and savagely assaulted their 12 colonies with nuclear weapons.

Barely 50,000 colonials survived the onslaught that ravaged the colonies. Now their fugitive fleet has arrived in the Echo Cluster to settle on a new homeworld and rebuild their civilization. This time they’ll be ready and waiting for the Robotic Imperiums return.

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