Computer Players

ACP / Omega
Version: v4.22
Type: Freeware
Mike Stonig
Publisher Description
ACP was developed as an alternative to Tim Wisseman’s venerable CPLAYER program. It embodies several major refinements and much work that sets it apart from it’s antecedent, as written two years before. It also supports SRACE, PHOST and alternative ship specifications.

The ACP/OMEGA project is designed to make a better CPlayer capable of at least filling in for human players in a game that needs players.

Much work was also put into deciding how this CPlayer should play, and what the priorities of the project were. ACP/OMEGA follows the old adage, “It’s not winning that counts, it’s how you play the game.” In this vein, conscious decisions were made to the detriment of ACP’s score-based performance, in order to make it more fun to play against.

Version: v1.12
Type: Shareware
Author: Kenneth Strom
Publisher Description
Admiral is a computer player program designed for flexibility. To achieve the best amount of flexibility Admiral was designed to use external variable settings. Each Admiral has 31 settings for ship building and deployment, and each of the 25 tactical packages has 36 settings, determining starbase, ship and planetary tactics.

Ships have different mission settings, they do more than one task if necessary, or if the ship is able to. Currently most, of the race based special mission are in the program, but not all.

Note, Admiral just affects the standard host data, it doesn’t create a TRN file. Putting a TRN file in for a player that Admiral has already played will cause problems, however, if Admiral finds a TRN file in the directory it will not run that turn.

Version: v2.02
Type: Freeware
Authors: Cliff McKeithan and Mike Lindow
Publisher Description
Dominate was written to begin a journey to having a competent computer player for VGA-Planets. It is generally accepted that while the original cplayer works, it does not play well. Dominate plays better, but is still a far cry from being complete. The cheating has been eliminated, but play still needs work for Dominate to do well now that the cheating is gone.

The Dominion has not been extensively tested, especially against human players. Use it at your own risk, there is no warranty, expressed or implied, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam. The program is written as freeware, and by executing the program you agree to accept responsibility for all problems you may encounter. I have done my best to prevent any possible damage to host files, and there are no known cases of damage at the present. If you encounter one, send me e-mail and I will get to work on fixing it.

Version: v1.00
Type: Freeware
Author: Jean-Marie Clement

Publisher Description
My name i Kattivik. I evolved from the source files of the original Tim Wisseman’s Cplayer. The source code was first ported to Turbo Pascal and then improved.

I am still a beta version (this is the first public release), but I don’t think I will need much more work, so this could be my first official release.

I am a “Computer Player” (Artificial Intelligence). I will never pretend not to cheat (a little) <g> or to play like a (mere) human does <eg>, but I can assure you that you will have your fun playing against me ! And I think that this is the main task of the Cplayers (well, except for replacing missing human players 🙂 ).

Version: v3.07
Type: Freeware
Authors: Soeren Andersen, Vigo von Harrach, Dietmar Schuster
Publisher Description
SpaceLord is a substitute for a human player in VGA Planets (version 3). It can be used to play against if no human players are available or it can be used to replace human players who are no longer playing.

Unlike all other similar programs known to us, SpaceLord is a player-side tool. That means it uses the data from RST-Files to generate the data for TRN-Files instead of writing to the host data directly. This means that the SpaceLord does NOT cheat. Period. It doesn’t cheat because we don’t want it to and because it simply can’t without the host noticing it.

The Q
Version: v1.52a
Type: Freeware
Authors: Alex Ivlev & The ShareNet Trolls

Publisher Description
THE Q is the VGA Planets Artificial Intelligence for VGA Planets play. THE Q is THE computer player program for use with VGA Planets (Host3.2xx).

THE Q was designed specifically TO PLAY AS A HUMAN PLAYER would play VGA Planets. In this way, THE Q is unlike any C-Player type program ever developed for use with VGA Planets!!

You can raid THE Q’s freighter lanes, attack its mineral deposits and even rob its ships of fuel. But be warned, THE Q will also rob, disrupt, attack and strategize to destroy you.