Authors: Dan and Dave

Copyright (C) 1995-1996 Dave Killingsworth – All Rights Reserved


Starbase+ is an add-on utility for VGA Planets 3.5 that takes advantage of the AUXHOST features found in HOST 3.20. This add-on provides starbases with more inherent abilities.

Several new friendly codes are introduced with this program. They ARE case sensitive and are as follows:

Minefield Fcodes:(Planet Codes)
SMF – Sweep Minefield MSC – Scoop Up Minefield
LMF – Lay Minefield LWF – Lay Web Mine Field
Component Transport Codes: (Ship Codes)
GEn – Get Engine Slot (n) (n = 1-9)
GBn – Get Beam Slot (n) (n = 0-9)
GTn – Get Torp Launcher Slot (n) (n = 0-9)
UEn – Unload Engine Slot (n) (n = 1-9)
UBn – Unload Beam Slot (n) (n = 0-9)
UTn – Unload Torp Launcher Slot (n) (n = 0-9)
UAP – Unload All Parts (note 0 = 10)
Electronic Megacredit Transfer Codes:(Planet Codes)
TMn – Transfer Megacredits (n) (n = 1-5)
RMT – Recieve Megacredit Transfer

Note: The “con” planetary friendly code will cause HOST to send its configuration setting and the add-on to send its configuration settings to the player in a message.

Table 1.1
Engines (n) codes
1 = StarDrive One 2 = StarDrive 2 3 = StarDrive 3
4 = SuperStarDrive 4 5 = Nova Drive 5 6 = HeavyNova Drive 6
7 = Quantum Drive 7 8 = Hyper Drive 8 9 = Transwarp Drives
Beams (n) codes
1 = Lasers 2 = X-ray lasers 3 = Plasma Bolt 4 = Blaster
5 = Positrom Beam 6 = Disruptor 7 = Heavy Blaster
8 = Phaser 9 = Heavy Disruptor 0 = Heavy Phaser
Torp Launchers (n) codes
1 = Mark 1 Photon 2 = Proton Torp 3 = Mark 2 Photon
4 = Gamma Bomb 5 = Mark 3 Photon 6 = Mark 4 Photon
7 = Mark 5 Photon 8 = Mark 6 Photon 9 = Mark 7 Photon
0 = Mark 8 Photon


Starbase+ contains two programs:


Place these programs in the same directory that the HOST normally runs from. Starbase+ requires access to the VGA Planets database (HULLSPEC.DAT, BEAMSPEC.DAT, etc) as well as the Host database (SHIP.HST, XYPLAN.HST, etc.).

New Game Setup

Before Starbase+ can be used the configuration program SPCONFIG.EXE, must be run. SPCONFIG accepts one command line parameter, the DOS path to the game directory. For example; to configure a new game in E:\PLANETS\NEWGAME type:


When SPCONFIG starts, a configuration dialog will be displayed. Notice that the DOS path provided on the command line is displayed in the Path to Game Directory edit box.


Default values are automatically provided. Change them to suit the requirements of the game. Each value has valid ranges and all changes must be within the valid ranges.

Select the OK button when all changes have been made. The following file will be written to the Game Directory:


After the configuration file is saved, a confirmation dialog will be shown at which time, if YES is selected the Starbase+ database will be initialized.


The configuration program will create and update all necessary files needed to run this program. There is no need to manually edit the AUXHOST?.BAT files.

Starbase Mine Sweeping

To cause the starbase to sweep mine (with beams or fighters) you need to set the planets (the planet the starbase is orbiting) to SMF. This fcode will cause the starbase to use its beam weapons to fire in random patterns and destroy mines. The number of mines destroyed is based on the Starbase+ config setting for beam sweep rate. Number of beams * beam tech squared * {SPCONFIG setting for beam sweep rate). This is a variable and independent setting for regular mines and web mines.

#mines destroyed = (Number of beams* beamslot squared) *(beam sweep rate)

Starbase fighters will automatically launch and sweep mines (if this option is configured to be on). The fighters sweep at the rate set in the SPCONFIG program. The Colonial race always have a 100 LY sweep range. The fighter range for the other races is based on the starbase’s tech levels. To determine the sweep range you add Hull Tech, Engine Tech and Beam Tech together. Then you divide by 3 and multiply that result by 10. This will give you the fighter sweep range in LY.

Sweep Range = [ (Techs/3) *10]

The number of beams available for sweeping by the starbase is determined by the following formula.

Number of beams = ( Starbase defenses) / 20]

The tech level of the beams is based on the beam tech level on the Starbase.

The amount of mines swept by a starbase is determined as follows.

Mines Swept = (number of beams * Slot level of beams squared)* (sweep rate)

Gathering Mines With A Starbase

To gather up a minefield with a starbase you need to meet several criteria. The base must be with in the designated beam sweep range of a minefield. If they are they set the planets fcode to MSC. This will cause the Starbase to gather up all of the mine units in that field(s). It will convert them into the highest tech torpedo type available. To determine minefield to Torp yield you do the following equation.

Number of New Torps = ( mine units / Torp slot )

Laying Mines With The Starbase

Laying mines with a starbase is a all or nothing process. To do this you set the planets fcode to LMF and this will convert all of the torpedo stock on the starbase into mine units. The torpedoes convert using the following formula to determine torpedo yield. Note: LWF will lay a web mine field if the base is a crystal starbase.

Mine unit yield = (Torp slot * number of Torps)

Component Transportation

To transport a starship component you must be at a starbase. To load a component you use a special friendly code. (see above). The Gxx Fcodes will get a component from the Starbase and place it on the ship. Each component will require a certain amount of space. This space (in KT) is determined in the SPCONFIG settings. You can load a MDSF up to its 200 KT maximum weight limit. You can not load more than one type of component at a time. You can only get components at your own starbase(s).

The program checks for available space on the ship before it loads a component. If there is not enough space the component will not be loaded. If you later try to load cargo on the ship and this act would exceed the freighters weight capacity (including the component) the program will trim off the excess cargo that was loaded.

To unload components you use the Uxx Fcodes (see above). You can unload at any starbase(s). Note: If a ship is captured in battle your enemy with also get the components that were on that transport. Also, if the Tag Special Transportation is enabled all med. freighters carrying components will have “ST :” added to the front of their ship name.

Electronic Megacredit Transfers

With the release of v2.1 of the Starbase+ program a new feature has been added. This feature now allows for Starbases to transfer megacredits between them (with some limitations).

The config program (SPCONFIG.EXE) allows you to configure the maximum amount that a Starbase can “send” in one turn. The options are 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 megacredits per Starbase per turn. This is the limit that any Starbase can “send” in one turn. To send you select the planet friendly code of TMn – where n is the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. The n number times 1000 will determine the amount of megacredits you attempt to send.

There is no limit to how much a Starbase can recieve in one turn. The limit is that only ONE Starbase can be selected to recieve megacredits during any one turn. If more than one base is selected to recieve (Planet Fcode “RMT”)the base with the lowest ID# will recieve the megacredits.

If a Starbase attempts to send more megacredits than is allowed in the configuration it will send NO megacredits (0). A Starbase must have 20 points of “TECH” to be able to send or recieve megacredits (TECH would be adding up all of your tech levels and if they add up to 20 or more the Starbase can send or recieve. Starbases can only send and receieve to other Starbases of the same race.

Only one Starbase can recieve megacredits in any one turn. If a planet has less than the amount you have set to send it will send all of the megacredits available on the planet (up to the limit set by your planetary friendly code).

(Shareware Limit): In the shareware mode your limits are as follows: You can transfer no more than 2000 megacredits in one turn. Whether you do this with just one Starbase or two. You can use NO MORE than two Starbase to effect transfers in one turn, even if the two transfers do not constitute a total of 2000 megacredits.

When do These Events Happen?

HOST Sequence
Load Starbase+
Beam Sweep
Fighter Sweep
Scoop Mine Fields
Lay Mine Fields
Load Starbase+
Transport Ship Components
Starbase Transfers Credits

Starbase+ for VGA Planets 3.5

  • Design:
    Dave Killingsworth & Dan Gale
  • Special Consulting:
    Tim Wisseman, Conrad Lesnewski
  • Programming:
    Dan Gale
  • Documentation:
    Dave Killingsworth
  • BMP Artwork:
    Kenneth Wisseman, Dan Gale

Copyright (c) 1995 Dave Killingsworth All Rights Reserved

SHAREWARE may be distributed freely. But all copyrights are still retained and all rights reserved.

HOSTS—- You need to give a copy of this DOC file to your players !!!
You also need to give them copies of all BMP files you find in the ZIP file you got this program from. Tell them that they need to place the BMP files in the sub directory (labeled BMP) under their WINPLAN directory. This will give them the BMP’s they need to see the in the pictures associated to the messaging system.

If you do not have the BMPS.exe file go to the Dan and Dave Software Center Web page: go to the link for BMPS, DOCs and other things


Thank you for your interest.

Dave Killingsworth
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Co-sysop of Warp Speed and Tim Continuum
Dan Gale
Sysop of Dan and Dave’s BBS 916-345-6447

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