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Author: William Merkel

NOTE: Ahost was written as a host-extension, but it proved to be unstable and had some bugs, e.g. Vga-P games crashed sometimes in mid-game [mostly because the ufo.hst was mis-used]. I couldn´t reach the author, others claimed that he no longer supports Ahost. That´s why I wrote this totally FREE version for Ahost registered users. If you don´t own the original Ahost, please don´t use this.


To install simply copy ABhost.exe file into your VGA planets host directory. ABHOST will then only host games that have been configured with ABHsetup.exe. To configure a game for ABHOST start ABHsetup.exe.
There is no need to edit the auxbc.bat or .ini manually.
ABhost can take over all Ahost Data it supports.

There were many improvements from version 1.4 to version 1.5. If you currently have version 1.4 installed, I suggest

1.) host your game with the new ABhost.exe
2.) now start the new ABHsetup.exe and choose option nr. 3 – reconfigure
3.) you are ready to continue the fight …


!! All FC (Friendly Codes) are case sensitive !!

Probability Jump Device

This device is present in a hull of your choice; as a default it is in the small transport (hull #59). It will allow the ship to transport itself to a random place in the galaxy. In order to use it set the warp factor to 1, set a waypoint and the ship will perform a jump using 40kt of fuel.
[This will only work on starmaps which are from 900/900 to 3100/3100]

Birdmen Cloaking Shield

The birdmen have a temporary cloaking shield attached to all freighters. To use the shield you have to set your FC to “CLK” and the freighter will enter cloak but it will also receive 10% damage. The definition of a freighter is a ship, which
o has no beams and torp launchers present AND
o has no beams and torp launcher slots in the basic hull.

[This was to prevent cloaking “no beam”-Fireclouds, SSD´s e.t.c.!]

No other mission can be used at the same time. When you are in cloak you can change your FC but not your mission or you will drop out of cloak.

New Buildings

7 new buildings:

  • Stadium – Increases happiness points by 5.
  • Theme Park – Increases happiness points by 10.
  • Mining Research Centre – Each increases the mineral density by 1 a turn.
  • Native School – Increases the native government to tribal
  • Native University – Requires native government level at least at the value which the native school builds. Increases the native government to monarchy.
  • Family Planning Center – Each increases the population by 25 clans a turn, colonists and natives
  • Robotic Factory – creates 100 supplies a turn

To build these buildings you set the planet FC to ‘bXX’ where XX is the
code of the new building eg. ‘bfp’ would build a Family Planning center.

To find out what buildings are on the planet you set your FC to ‘sts’ and it will give you its StaTuS. If you have *any* of your planets set to FC STS, you will recieve the StaTuS of all your planets at once.

The cost of these buildings will be charged in supplies and mc. You can build more than one family planning and more than one robotic factory.

| Building               | Supplies  | Megacredits | FC  |
| Stadium                |  1000     |   1000      | bst | 
| Theme Park             |  2000     |   2000      | btp |
| Mining Research Center |  1000     |   1000      | bmr |
| Native School          |  1000     |   1000      | bns |
| Native University      |  2000     |   2000      | bnu |
| Family Planning Center |   800     |    800      | bfp |
| Robotic Factory        |  1500     |   1500      | brf |


The values and settings this txt file are the default values but they can be changed by the host. Abhsetup is the config program that alllows all settings to be enabled or disabled. It also allows certain settings to be changed like building costs, building effects and more. The FC “con” which sends the configuration of the hconfig will also send the configuration of ABHOST.

Host Order

All happens in the auxbc phase (after movement, before combat):

Destroy Building on unowned planets
Build Buildings
Workout Buildings
Birdmen Cloak
Probability Jumping
Send Config


I know of no bugs (if I did, I would have solved them;email me if you find bugs !).
Some features behave slightly different from the original Ahost, but the differences are at a minimum (example: in Ahost you were able to build several mining research centers, in ABhost you can additinally build configure the %-“effect” of each, host-determined from 1-5).

-=> You must give a copy of this file to all your players. <=-

I thank:
[email protected]
for the orginal.
Tim for VGA Planets.
My girl-friend for the best 5 years of my life.
Martin & Michael for being lifetime friends!
The maker of `counter-strike` (I am addicted to it)

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