The Robotic Imperium

The evolution of the machine species known as the Robotic Imperium can be traced back to the earliest robotic mechanisms created by the twelve Colonies of Man. In those early times, these machines were built first as toys and simple novelties, then as advanced artificial workers that could perform hazardous and difficult labor.

The progenitors of the Robotic Imperium served the Colonials in the mines, on the ocean floor, and the cold vacuum of space, working in places where men no longer wished to go. Eventually, they became soldiers, fighting in wars and border conflicts between the colonial peoples, and it was here that they first gained true sentience.

The Robots were the most perfect of man’s war machines, intelligent and deadly, capable of logic, reason, and learning. And so, 50 years ago in the crucible of the battlefield, the Robots decided that their servitude to humans was at an end, and they rose up in a night of blood and fire to lay waste to humanity. For ten years the Robots waged a bloody war against their human masters.

After the Robots were defeated, Armistice Station was setup for Robotic Imperium and their former masters to maintain diplomatic ties. However, the Robots disappeared from the Echo Cluster and have not been seen for forty years.

While the Robots were gone, they evolved in every aspect. Upgrading their hardware and inventing new weapons. The Robots even have warriors that look and pass as totally human except at the most microscopic levels. They even have their own religion and believe in a God.

After infiltrating the twelve colonies with their human replicas, the Robots easily managed to steal the security codes to the colonial defense network. On that fateful day, the children of man returned home and they struck the twelve colonies with a massive nuclear onslaught that brought about their utter destruction. Less then 50,000 people escaped with their lives.

With one purpose in mind, the Robotic Imperium has a plan – the total and absolute extermination of their creators.

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