The Rebels

This race is a humanoid race that developed in much the same way as the other humanoid races. They evolved over a long period of time until reaching this current stage in their evolutionary path.

Although this race evolved in the same way, physically, as the Evil Empire their social development was radically different. It is actually theorized that the Evil Empire and the Rebel Confederation may have come from the same genetic stock.

The Rebel Confederation’s social and governmental development was of a much more diplomatic and serene nature. This government encouraged the pursuit of freedom and art. It encouraged people to be involved in their government and gave them the right of self determination. This is much different from many of the other races governments. The Rebel Confederation , suspecting that there might be other races in the universe likes to broadcast these messages of freedom in the hopes that other races may benefit from their social enlightenment.

Some of the other races had heard broadcasts from this group and started to desire this kind of freedom for their own world. Many of the other governments did not like the dissension that this was causing on their worlds. They asked that the Rebel Confederation stop their broadcasts so as to ease trouble on these other worlds.

The Rebel Confederation refused this request and proceeded to keep broadcasting. The other races at that time named them the Rebel Confederation . These other races tried to threaten the Rebels into silence but they were unsuccessful since none of the other races had been able to find the Rebel Confederation . Not even the Evil Empire’s dreaded dark sense could find the Rebels . This caused the Empire no end of frustration and animosity towards the Rebel Confederation .

During these days of threats and warnings the peaceful Rebels started to develop space warfare and travel technology, just to be safe. They were, also, able to develop hyper-drive technology. Which was later stolen by, both, the Empire and the Cyborg. This new technology gave them and quick advantage over the other races in colonization and exploration.

The Rebel Confederation has developed some very impressive war technology in their pursuit of self-preservation. They have, also, been able to design a way to defeat the dark sense of the Empire and they have developed a very simplistic robotic technology. Although they started out as just an upstart rebellion of love and peace in the galaxy, they have become a major military power and with that power has come a desire to impose peace on the universe. A big job but someone has to do it.

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