Author: Valerio Marongiu

If you are tired of carting colonists and supplies around the universe to colonize planets, this utility may help you. It uses the auxhost feature of version 3.2 and whenever a player unloads 1 clan on an unexplored planet, on the next turn he/she gets 100 clans and 100 factories already built.

Player instructions
If a medium/large/super (no small) freighter arrives in orbit of a never occupied planet and it unloads exactly 1 clan, on the next turn the player will get 100 clans and 100 factories ready on the planet. The host can disable the automatic factories building.

This doesn’t happen if there are amorphous natives. With the Cyborg and assimilation>50% the planet must have no natives at all. Notice that in the first turn of possession of a planet colonized in such away, there will be no supplies production (just to make the things not too fast), and the climate will not influence the colonist population.

Host instructions
The program must be run in both auxhost batches.
In AUXHOST1.BAT insert CLANS %1 1
In AUXHOST2.BAT insert CLANS %1 2
If you want 100 clans but no factories use CLANS %1 2 nofact
A CLANS.LOG file will be produced in the game directory to keep track of its operations.

Write to the author:
Valerio Marongiu, Varese (Italy)
[email protected]
FidoNet 2:331/105, HAL bbs

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