The Birdman Empire

This is a race of human-like creatures that seem to love war above all else. They have a very aggressive and domineering nature as long as they feel they can get away with it. They live to make war and to find better and more devious ways of destroying their enemies.

This race started as part of another much more peaceful race. The mother race of the Bird Men have been lost for a long time and it is unlikely they will ever be found. When this race was a whole they we a very peaceful group of people and enjoyed life very much.

The original group believed that war was evil and abominable and to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately utopia could not last and a wedge was driven between two factions of this race. The church and bird sect factions.

During the time before the split in the races one segment of the planets religion, the Bird Sect, believed that peacefulness and pacifism could be taken beyond the bounds of reason. They felt that if their people were in danger of genocide or racial slavery they should be able to defend themselves. Though they felt that peace and harmony was a wonderful thing they felt that there needed to be a balance, for this was the real world and they had to live in it.

It is believed that the Bird Men , as they became known, were the first of the space faring races to develop the warped spatial field generator (a.k.a. cloaking device).

One time while the Bird Men were in space on flying maneuvers, the church set into motion a plan. This was a special scientific project, for the church was not ignorant in the ways of science, that was specifically designed to help the church rid themselves of a problem.

As the Bird Men’s maneuvers were reaching their climax the gravitonic pulse generator of the homeworld went on-line. This generator projected an invisible beam of energy into the void of space. This beam upon reaching its programmed coordinates caused the very fabric of space to tear open. This tear appeared as a small but powerful black hole right in front of the Bird Men fleet.

Caught totally unaware by the sudden appearance of the black hole the Bird Men fleet was drawn into the maw of the spatial anomaly. Many of the smaller starships were destroyed by the intense gravity fields of the hole, but some of the larger freighters and a capital starship were able to withstand the pressures and sheering forces. These starships, after just a brief moment, were suddenly ejected out into real space very far from home, (wherever that might be) to the Echo Cluster.

Realizing that they had been deceived and duped the Bird Men were, of course, furious, but what could they do? They were stranded in the Echo Cluster and very far from home, and they were unsure of where home might even be. So they decided to settle into this cluster and seek out any other life forms that were existing in the Echo Cluster and vent their anger on those races and see if they could impose a utopia on the people of the cluster, by force if necessary.

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