Siberian Snake’s List of ‘Undocumented Host Features’

By: Siberian Snake

Please find below my updated ‘list of undocumented Host features’. I added some info on Firecloud’s chunneling.

I’m 99% sure in the reliability of the information presented, but if you noted some mistakes, or know other ‘features’ unlisted below, please let me know, or post it here.

Naturally, most of the ‘features’ were found not by me, but by other players, I just tested them and compiled them together. I can’t give the credit to everybody who contributed (since I don’t remember anymore the authorship of many items), but I do want to thank Tony (Blackbeard), Steve Gedye (Sonic Hedgehog), B A N E, Tommy Liittokivi, Jesper, Mark Beike (Beerbelly) for the info I got from them by e-mail or through this newsgroup. If you do find some inaccuracy in this list, I can always blame one of them.

Also, please feel free to use and distribute this ‘list’ as you wish.

I. Combat ‘features’.

1. Feds bonus.
a) plus 50 kt in ship mass,
b) plus 3 fighter bays for every carrier,
c) all weapons is operational, even if damage is close to 100%,
d) 25% shield restoration between battles, if damage allows.

2. Damage from fighters.
Every fighter makes 7 hits before it returns.
If ship’s mass is more than 320 kt, the damage (and shield drain) is 1 % per hit.
If mass is less than 320 kt, the damage/drain is 2%.
If mass is less than 106 kt, the damage/drain is 3%.
If mass is less than 63 kt, the damage/drain is 4%.

3. Battle order (BO).

Ships always fight before planets. BO doesn’t depend on ship’s mission or Primary Enemy. PE or ‘KILL’ mission only defines if the ship will fight at all. BO is determined by ship’s FCs. If the FC is not 3-digit (mkt, md2, 24t and so on), it is equal to 1000. Lowest FCs fights first. If 2 or more ships have the same FC (or non-digital FCs), the ship with lowest ID fights first.

4. Left and right sides.

In the battle left and right sides are assigned according to the position of the ships in the battle order list. Ship with a lower battle order number (see above) gets a right side. So, in a battle of two ships the one with FC=’534′ will get a right side if the second ship has FC=’mkt’.

In a battle between 2 big carriers left side is preferable. If the carriers are identical, left side wins 60% of the battles.

If the ship on the right side fights against carrier and its mass (including ES Bonus) exceeds 140 kt, this ship has 60% chance to get extra 360 kt of mass for this battle. So, in torp ship versus carrier battle right side is preferable,
unless the torp ship mass already exceeds 320 kt.

5. ATT & NUK.

Planet with ATT or NUK FC attacks enemy ships. But if the planet gets captured, and there are other former owner ships orbiting the planet (they didn’t fight first because they didn’t have PE set or “KILL”), planet will attack them again the same turn (ATT and NUK still works) if their battle order is higher than that of the attacking ships. Generally speaking, planets with ATT/NUK attack all ships excluding current owner according to their battle order.

6. Capital fuel less Birds ships are immune to NUK.

II. Tow and movement ‘features’.

1. Tow conflict resolution.

Host works the following way:

If there are 2 or more ships at the same spot with TOW mission, Host finds the ship with a lowest ID. Then it checks if the waypoint of towed is more than 81 ly away. If it is – Hosts compares ‘towing strength’ of the tower and towed (according to docs!). If tower is stronger, it performs the mission, warp of towed gets reset to 0. If towed is stronger or equal, mission fails, tower’s mission gets reset from ‘TOW x’ to ‘TOW’.

If waypoint of towed is less than or equal to 81 ly, tower always

Then the next lowest ID ship with TOW mission is up. If it wasn’t successfully towed (and warp reset to 0), and its target is still here (didn’t get towed away by the first ship), it tries to perform the mission according to the same rules.

And so on.

2. Ship with less than 25 kt fuel aboard is unable to break tow.

3. Cobol scoops fuel even when it tows.

4. If the option ‘ships without fuel can move’ is on, the ship can go the distance that requires 0 fuel. So, the distance is determined by ship total mass.

5. Minimal range of Firecloud chunneling is 10 ly, not 100 ly as doc’s state.

6. Although Firecloud’s under tow can’t chunnel, if the tower runs out of fuel, Firecloud brakes free and becomes eligible for chunnel (either way) this very turn.

III. Economy.

1. Information about ‘climate death’, colonists ‘eat supplies’, ships queue can be found on Timo Kreike Home Page.

Most often needed:

At CDR=10% (default) maximum clans surviving on Desert/Arctic planets:

T clans T Clans
100 9
0 29 99 29
1 49 98 49
2 69 97 69
3 89 96 89
14 309 85 309

Each degree adds 20 clans.

If ‘colonists eat supplies’=YES, every 40 supplies on the ground (after factory production!)add 10 more surviving clans.

2. Formula ‘native’s growth’ in the famous Infolist is correct only for population below 6.5 millions or so. If population is higher, the growth is twice as slow.

3. (In the latest Hosts.) If colonists population on the planet drops down suddenly (ground attack, or if the owner beamed up clans), the decay may be very fast the first turn. If the number of factories exceeds the maximum allowed by 101 or more, this number gets halved.

4. Desert and Arctic planets with low native population have non-zero population growth. I can’t provide correct formulas.

5. Maximum Cyborg native tax rate is 20%.

6. Merlin’s work without fuel.

IV. Web mines.

1. Web mines drain. The relevant order of missions:

Mine decay
Lay mines
Lay web mines
Mine sweep/scoop
Web drain

If the ship is in the webs during ‘drain’ phase, it loses 25 kt of fuel per web. (It means that the ship inside 3 overlapping webs will lose 75 kt of fuel). If the ship hits the web mine, it loses additionally 50 kt, or 1/6 of its fuel, whatever is greater. May be 1/6 isn’t absolutely exact number.

2. Non-Crystalline webs (produced by Crystals by miX FC) don’t drain fuel if the enemy ship just sits inside. Drain happens only when ships hit mines.

3. If Crystals laid non-Crystalline web on the top of another non-crystalline web (in yet another race identity), they don’t get double-density web. Two webs merge together into the web owned by the owner of the latest web. The same happens if Crystals lay Crystalline web on the top of non-Crystalline web; they end up with a big Crystalline web field. And the same happens if Crystals lay a non-Crystalline web on the top of Crystalline web.

* This has been fixed in Host 3.22.021 *

4. Crystals are completely immune to non-Crystalline webs even without any alliance setting.

V. RGA, Pillage, fighting.

1. RGA. Besides documented aspects (RGA destroys 30% of money, 40% of supplies, 20% of clans, 20% of DPs, 60% of mines and 30% of factories), RGA reduces colonists happiness by 60 points, and increases natives happiness by 30 points.

2. Pillage. Besides documented aspects (Pillage kills 20% of colonists and natives) Pillage reduces happiness of both colonists and natives by 10 points. Also 25 extra clans get killed before 20% factor is applied.

3. Fighting begins when colonists or natives (or both) happiness falls below 0. Fighting kills 30% of population and 100 clans more after that (both natives and colonists, regardless of who was unhappy).

Summarizing action of all three factors for colonists,
If colonists are fighting, and RGA continues,
If colonists are fighting, and Pillage continues,

VI. Miscellaneous.

1. Fuel less ships CAN gather fuel, including un-owned planets.

2. Only Winplan users are able to execute 340-360 ly Hyperjump’s. DOS users (regardless of the utilities they are using) are limited to exactly 350 ly jumps. Plus gravity wells, if possible. This ‘feature was fixed in Host 3.22.019, Now anybody can do precise HYP jumps.

3. In the older Hosts there use to be a Super Spy bug. Super Spy is cumulative, and it takes 5 ships to guarantee the planetary FC change. Nevertheless, it was sufficient to have only one ship on Super Spy, and 4 – just cloaking. I don’t know if this bug was fixed.

4. If the ship drops cargo on enemy/un-owned planet (including Ground Attack or Imperial Assault) and gets robbed the same turn, the attempt fails, because “Rob” happens before “beam down”, and fuel less ships are not allowed to “beam down”. But if the ship beams down at the same time at least 1 kt of fuel, the mission will be performed. Apparently, Host doesn’t allow to Rob this 1 kt that gets beamed down (I call it ‘Cargo in transfer is immune to Rob’), although Rob goes before ‘beam down’, and in the ‘beam down’ phase Host believes that this 1 kt is still aboard, and, therefore, ship is not fuel less.

5. One could clone and build ships at the same base without any PBPs before ship limit. One just has to tow the cloned ships away. Cloning happens before movement; and in the second phase of ship building (after movement) Host sees that there is a ship to build, no ‘cln’ ships orbiting… and it builds a new ship as well!

This bug was fixed in Host 3.22.015.

Siberian Snake

Please Email Siberian Snake <[email protected]> with any errors

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