Strategy: DJ’s Robot’s Guide

Last updated on 22/01/98

‘The player killer race

Nice low tech ships. Good advantages. Overall a good race to play and a hard one to kill. Can scan planets for natives before you get there…..VERY handy.

Mineral problems. Only one torpedo-ship.

Good ships:

  • Cat’s paw – fill this little baby up and charge at the enemy – drop that mine field and then come back. Then move your ships in. Use the moving minfield trick by FC ‘msc’ and move the minefields towards the bad guys.
  • Q-Tanker – I didn’t believe this was a good ship – but you just cannot have enough of these little gems. Any good planet will have 1 or 2 of these building you 12 fighters per turn.
  • Instrumentality – Tech 6 – 4beams ( not so good ) but 7 fighter bays and a good mass. This thing wreaks death if you get them built early enough. Build lots, and with Cat’s pays, go forth and maim & kill.
  • Golem – Big & Bad – though I would build more Instrumentality’s than these.
  • Brile – have one of these to scan planets – build one at the start (IMO) and scan for good planets then send those LDSF over…

This depends on who is near you. You have to adjust tactics to fight each race. Your best weapon is those Cat’s paws – so have lots and keep them laying those minefields and expand that empire. Keep a couple on standby in case some nasty race starts a sweeping frenzy.

Fun things to do
Send Cat’s paw over to your ‘friend’ with 200 MK8’s on it ( expensive but who cares – you’ve found a few planets giving 5,000cr a turn – haven’t you ) and then just dump the whole lot over his empire. Following up with a fleet of Instrumentality’s + others …. Total massacre. ( who cares about smaller minefields – the bigger the scarier ).

Ships to die for
any of those Privateer things with Mk4’s or above.


…..and other thing’s that I’ll add at some point.

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