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Author: Various

[This document is work in progress.]

[Interface] section

+ AutoScroll = On|Off
When enabled, the map scrolls when you move the map to a border. When disabled, you have to scroll manually (middle mouse button, spacebar).

+ StickyMouse = On|Off
When enabled, very small mouse movements are ignored. This is to compensate jitter from vibrations on your desk etc. Under some operating systems (Windows NT for example) you must disable this.

+ LargePlanets = On|Off
When enabled, inhabited planets are shown as thick spots. When disabled, planets are shown as single pixels only.

+ PlanetNames = On|Off

+ SmallFont = On|Off

+ ScreenSaverTime = <integer>
Inactivity timeout before screensaver starts, in minutes. Zero to disable screensaver.

+ KeepWaypoints = On|Off

+ AutoUseGravity = On|Off

+ DullMissions = On|Off
When enabled, VPA will let you set all missions even if it thinks they are not useful (for example, mine laying with a freighter usually doesn't work, so VPA doesn't let you set this mission).

+ DullMessages = On|Off
When enabled, VPA will let you send messages to all players even if it thinks they do not play. By default, VPA refuses to send to players with a zero score.

+ DeleteRST = On|Off
When enabled (default), VPA will delete RST files after unpacking them.

+ ScrambleShipNames = On|Off
If enabled, VPA will scramble your ship names. While you will see the real names you chose, others will only see dull random names ("Serial #1423"). VPA will also postprocess messages and VCRs to get back the good names.

+ ShowFinalHappy = On|Off

+ AltWormholes = On|Off

+ ShowMaxPop = On|Off
Show the minimum number of clans required for growth or ground attack and the maximum number of clans depending on climate below the number of current colonists.

[System] section

+ HelpFile = <filename>
Name of help file (vpa.hlp or vpa_rus.hlp).

+ ResourceFile = <filename>
Name of resource file (resource.pln).

+ BadVideoOrMouse = Yes|No

+ Font = <filename>
Font to use for message display and some other things. The font file must be a standard VGA font, exactly 4096 bytes long. This setting only takes effect when you run VPA in 256 colors (/S option), or when you use VPAMM (either color depth). It will not be effective when you standard VPA in 16 colors.

The default font is a cyrillic one. If you live in Western Europe, you might consider that inconvenient :-)

[Colors] section

See colors.txt.

[Markers] section

[applies to VPA 3.61a and later; olders differ slightly]

+ <type> = <string>
Assigns markers to a group. <type> is the marker type:
- Flag
- Circle
- Cross
- Square
- Rhombe
- Point
- RCircle (circle with variable radius)
- Line (line)
- DLine (dashed line)
- Grave
- Cactus
<string> is a string of 15 characters corresponding to the 15 colors. For example, `Flag = AAAABBBBBBBBBBB' would assign all blue (color 1), green (2), cyan (3) and red (4) flags to group `A' and the other colors to group `B'. When you specify less than 15 characters, the string is filled up with the last letter. Thus, this example could have been written as `Flag = AAAAB', and to assign all markers of a type to the same group, you can use `Flag = X'.

A group identifier can be any character, in particular, any letter or digit. Case is not significant.

+ Masks = <group>,<group>,<group>...
Defines the groups you wish to use for display. You can toggle between them with Alt-A. `Masks = ab,xy,a34' would define three groups, one display marker groups A and B, the second displays X and Y, and the third displays A, 3 and 4. You can use `*' to specify "all markers".

There is always one group (active when VPA starts) containing all markers.

You can define up to 15 groups.


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