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Authors: All of us.


SysOp, Darklord
Favorite Civilization:
The Robots
Favorite Mod:
F-Host & Jupiter
Favorite Quote:
"You need to be unemployed to play the Privateers" - Desert-Fox

][avok is a resident of Virginia, USA and has been playing VGA Planets since he stumbled across the VGAP version 3.0 shareware package while looking for "Something New" to add to DF's BBS back in the early 90's. When he's not playing VGAP, I can be found tinkering with computers, learning something new about Great White Sharks, trying out some other game, (the Fallout series is awesome!) and playing with his dog Zoe.
Ways to Contact Me:


Favorite Civilization:
Favorite Mod: PHost, Unity & Teleport
Favorite Quote: "Be the best, fight the rest!" - Bitmask

Bitmask has been battling with VGAP since the early '90s via BBS and then theinternet. His favourite planets client is JVC and is a strong supporter of Echoview. He likes to play around with PHost and try interesting scenarios. In his "off time" he creates websites and writes software. There are always a few broken PCs laying around the office to work on as well as a few model air planes which he loves to try and fly with his son and daughter.

Snake Vargas

Favorite Civilization:
Colonies of Man
Favorite Mod:
Starbase & Raceplus
Favorite Quote:
"It is well that war is so terrible, or we should get too fond of it." - Robert E. Lee

Snake Vargas has been battling his enemies with the DOS version of VGAP since the early formation of the Echo Cluster. Using an assortment of tools from VPA, to Informer, to Fleets; Snake Vargas tends to spend countless hours analyzing his turn and mapping his attacks. Always a fan of the fighter races he's played extensively as the Evil Empire and Colonies of Man, with a sprinkling of games using all the other races. He's been know to talk a little "smack" in the inter-space messages with witty lines like "I'm gonna take this Virgo. Shine it up real good. Turn that sombitch sideways and shove it straight up your candy ass!" in an effort to lighten up the experience of murdering millions of enemy clans.


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