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Hello and welcome to the site. To enroll in the Circus-Maximus.com AutoTroll players database simply submit the form below filling up the appropriate fields according to your taste and possibilities.

Players who already are enrolled and want to change their settings should go to their Player Page and click on the appropriate link to upgrade their personal data. When the form is filled up submit it by clicking 'Submit'.

A confirmation message will be sent to you as soon as AutoTroll reads mail.

Fields with * ARE REQUIRED!

Your full REAL first & last name: *
Your Alias: *
Your PRIMARY email address: *
Your Secondary email: (optional)
Create your password: *
MIME encoding (not UUE): Yes No
Receive your games news: Yes No
Receive new games mail: Yes No
Receive your RST's zipped: Yes No
CC RST's to second address: Yes No
Long filenames support: Yes No
Receive warning messages: Yes No
Show your email addresses: Yes No
Provide the reCaptcha words
External profile link
(Note that status upgrades are done at the discretion of the admins)
If you are migrating from another VGA Planets site and would like your external profile to be considered in upgrading your status at Circus-Maximus, please provide a link to your profile here.

Circus-Maximus.com General Policys: Last Updated 9/10/2006.

The limit for joining games is set to 5.

You can only play ONE race in each game. Exceptions can be e.g. holiday-replacement for your ally. In this case please send me an email.

You may have 1 account in AutoTroll at Circus-Maximus. If you are found to have multiple accounts on the site, using different allias's, email addresses, etc. I will ban you for life and will make sure other VGA Planets hosts are aware of the deception that has taken place.

One player - one registration number. I will not accept more than 1 player sharing a registration code. I'm sure there are many players with honest and true arguments but I'm not able to verify that so: 1 player - 1 registration number.

If nobody plays a race I reserve the right to either remove that race or let a computer-player "Spacelord, The Q, etc..." do the job.

In most games, if you miss 4 turns in a row you're out of the game. You'll get a warning message before this happens.

If you have been auto-dropped from 4 or more games because of missing turns I reserve the right to ban you from further games. Please don't waste my time or the other players by not playing turns you've agreed to play by joining a game.

Flaming or spaming will not be accepted. First time you will be taken out of the game, second time you'll be banned from this host.

If you are caught cheating you will be banned from this host.

I reserve the right to make changes in any game at any time without explanation. I will assure you that if I do make a change, it is in the best interest of the game or to correct an imbalance. I will usually post a message in the forums or mail all players directly of a change. Keep an eye on your game's individual forums for updates while playing.

None of the Circus-Maximus.com staff or services can be held responsible for any problems that arise through the use or lack of use of this website. All of Circus-Maximus.com services and files are to be used at your own risk.

You fully accept the above policys if you press the Submit button below.

Welcome to our games!




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