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How AutoTroll Rankings Work

Author: Sharenet Trolls

A Warrior's rank is determined by their accumulated Ranking Points acquired from all of the games they have participated in. The Ranking Points are an accumulation of AScore, bonus and penalty points.


  • The warrior's rank is determined by the total accumulation of game scores, bonus and penalty points. The following table outlines scores and rankings as determined by Auto Troll
Auto Troll Rankings
Ranking Points
Space Cadet 0-10
Planetary Buccaneer 11-30
Solar Knight 31-60
Stellar Scourge 61-100
Void Commander 101-160
Sector Menace 161-320
Star Admiral 321-640
Quadrant Tyrant 641-1280
Galactic Warlord <=1281

AutoScore (AScore)

  • AScore is the fundamental basis for the scoring of all games played at this site (see AutoScore for additional information.) Basically it takes the percentage of AutoScore * 100 to determine the number of points you receive per game. For example, if AScore determines a players has 27% then the Ranking Points for that game are 27. When a game ends the final AScore remains as part of the total accumulation of points for the warrior. (This also means that if a warrior drops a game then no points are awarded.) As a Warrior continues to play all their scores are accumulated.

Bonus Points

  • Bonus points are awarded for each game played, bonus points are modified depending on the duration of the game and the number of initial players. Bonus modifiers are cumulative.
Bonus Points Modifiers
Valor Award
1st Place 40 Points
2nd Place 20 Points
3rd Place 10 points
Finish Game 5 points
Type multiplier
Game start <8 players 0.50
Game <50 turns 0.50
Game >100 turns 1.5
Game >150 turns 1.75
Game >200 turns 2.00

Penalty Points

  • Penalty points are primarily accessed due to dropping out of games. Note penalty points are cumulative.
Type Penalty
Withdraw from game: Game not started No Penalty (exception see mothball withdrawal.) Note if warrior rejoins game they may only rejoin the race they dropped
Withdraw from game: AScore < 1 No Penalty
Withdraw from game: AScore > 1 and < 5 No Penalty if Warrior withdraws with Host permission
Withdraw from game: AScore > 5 50 points
Withdraw from Mothball Game Warriors may withdraw from any game in mothballs without penalty unless the game goes active. If more than 8 players sign up for the game the game will go active and any warrior withdrawing at this time will incur a 30 point penalty


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