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Author: Thomas Voight

This will be very likely the last version since I don't work on my VGAP utils anymore. I included the sources so that everybody can develop the program further. Please note that the sources to PTSCORE are distributed under the GNU general public license.

What's new in v1.4 ?
- Sources are included (PDK based)

- Option to include the original scores
- Support for names.dat file (see "Player names")

The internal VGA Planets score is not very accurate. A tiny scout counts as much as a big carrier, and a planet with just one clan is as good as a planet with 300 mines and 200 factories.

PTSCORE will give you a score that counts your minerals, supplies, megacredits and all ships/bases/planetary structures that you have built. It is also able to give you a more detailed score (with details about bases, warships, planets and freighters) but you can also remove all information that you don't want to give to your players. You can also calculate team scores.

PTSCORE [options] [gamedirectory] [rootdirectory]

gamedirectory : This is the directory where the host data is located and where ptscore looks for the global data files first. Global data files are files that are not game-specific like the starmap (xyplan.dat), the shiplist and the planet names. The ptscore.log file is created in the game directory.

rootdirectory : This is the directory where ptscore looks for the global datafiles if it can't find them in the game directory.

Control options :
-h : print help
-r : don't append score to results
-m : mute operation (don't print the score to the screen)
-f : don't generate a ptscore.log file
-t : configure teams

Scoring options :
-v : votes mode (overrides all other scoring options)
-T : disable total score
-U : disable used score
-R : disable used/total relation
-P : enable planetary detailed score
-B : enable starbase detailed score
-W : enable warship detailed score
-F : enable freighter score
-p : enable planet count
-b : enable base count
-w : enable warship count
-f : enable freighter count
-S? : sort score by [t]otal, [u]sed, [r]atio, [b]ases, [p]lanets, [w]arships, [f]reighters or [0] race number

Examples :

Assume the host data is in dir .\test .


will generate a score that contains all available scores except the total score. The score is sorted by the warship score. Doesn't make much sense because the total score can still be calculated by the percentage score, but anyway ... :-)
The score will not appear on the screen.


will show a score that is sorted by the total score on the screen. The -r switch is necessary to prevent ptscore from writing the score to the results.


will prompt you for the team setup (the default is that no player belongs to a team) and exit without generating a score. You should run PTSCORE -t once before you use it for a team game.

In the game directory or in the root directory :

In the game directory (with the host data files) you need :

If you want to use team scores and you configure the teams, ptscore
will create a 'TEAM.DAT' file in the game directory.

Player names
PTSCORE will look for a "names.dat" file in the host data subdirectory. If the file is found then PTSCORE will consider the 11 first lines of this file as the names of the players (race 1 .. race 11) and add these names to the scoring info of these players in the ptscore.log file.

This way you can send out the name, email or whatever you consider of importance along with the score file. Just create a plain text file called "names.dat" in the host directory, put the text for player #1 in the first line and so on. For players who are not active you must insert a blank line. You can use up to 80 characters for this line, however, it is recommended that you keep the lines as short as possible so that all lines of ptscore.log are shorter than 80 characters (the size of a text screen). The names are not added to the message inserted into the result files. A sample names.dat file is included to this zip file.

The default parameters are
* sort by used score
* enable total & used score + ratio
* write directly to the results and generate PTSCORE.LOG file

Score calculation
Each kt minerals counts 3 points, each supply and megacredit counts one point. Each structure equals the score that was necessary to build it, except fighters which count 20 points each (thats the score for a fighter that was built in space). Fuel counts nothing. The space mine score depends on the torpedo score : ptscore will assume that the player used the torp with the lowest possible (ptscore-)score. The space mine score is added to the warship score (this is because torps loaded onto ships count for the warship score and mine laying shouldn't be obvious to the other players).

Don't be curious if you find differences between SCORE4a and PTSCORE. SCORE4a 'forgets' the beams mounted on ships and all structures which are currently in starbase storage (hulls, engines, beams, tubes).

If you select no command line parameters you will see the following scores. You can blank any of them.

'total' : This score column contains your overall score, counting all minerals, supplies, megacredits, ships, bases and planetary structures.

'used' : You can use your minerals/credits to build ships. You can also let them rot on your planets, so they will do nothing. The 'used' score tells you how much of your score is 'used' (base score + planetary score + warship score + freighter score).

'%' : The effectivity, rates your ability to use your resources. It is used_score*100/total_score and shows the percentage of your score that you used to build ships/bases/mines etc.

These scores are optional :

'bases' : the score from base defense, base fighters and tech levels. Hulls and other structures in storage won't count because there is no practical use for them in combat.

'planets' : the score from mines, factories and defense.

'warships' : the score used to build warships. It includes the ammunition (torps, fighters), but not the cargo of warships.The space mine score is added to this score.

'ships' : the score from the freighters without the cargo.

Votes mode
This mode uses Juha Pohjalainens algorithm from votes.exe to generate a score. Every factory and every defense post is worth 1 point, and starbase tech levels are worth the amount of money that was spent to upgrade the tech levels divided by 100 (so a tech level of 10 is worth 45 points). Then 499 votes are split among the players according to their score.

v1.0 : first public release
v1.1 : added team mode and sort possibilities
v1.2 : first release for several platforms, added votes mode and mine field scores
v1.3 : added new scoring options for Tims score
v1.3a: Support for names.dat file
v1.3b: Fixed bug with broken output
v1.4 : Includes sources

Disclaimer of warranties
PTSCORE is not warranted in any way. If you use it you use it at your own risk. The author is not liable for any damage or loss of data that may occur during regular usage of PTSCORE.
The sources are distributed under the GNU general public licence. Please check the file "copying" for more information.

11/2/97 Thomas


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