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Power Games

What's a Power Game you say? I'll fill you in. Back in the early days of VGA Planets on the web there used to be a site called Spaceport Hamburg and it was run by a fellow named Armin Trott aka "Nikita". He's the creator of the Power Game. Once Armin went offline these types of games shifted over to a site called Spaceport Andromeda and now we're going to run one here.

So if you're in for a old school challenge, read on and take a look at what Power Games have to offer.

All Races

Solar Federation


Birdman Empire





Evil Empire

Robotic Imperium


Colonies of Man

The addons below are used within this Power Game. But only use the docs as a reference on how to use a certain addon feature. Many addons features are switched off or are highly customized. Your primary source of information should be my power pages! However, if you find a mismatch between my docs and the vpl-reported configuration, drop me a line.

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