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Game Types

We host a variety of VGA Planets games here at Circus-Maximus. In the list below are some of the most common ones.

No Frills

A No Frills game is a great introduction to VGA Planets for new players as it is a default game as Tim originally designed it. As a registered or non-registered player all you need is your is your installation disk or CD and you're ready to go. The games use the original ship list and about half the time the original Echo Cluster star map. Sometimes I change the map for variety's sake. If the map is custom, we will provide it to you with your turn. No Frills games contain no game enhancing host addon's at all, however I often add a 'One Ally' or 'No Ally' option in order to keep super alliances from forming. These are the most popular games you will see here.

Daily Destruction

Daily Destruction games are just that. DAILY! These games run 5 days a week with weekends off. DD games are usually fairly basic games. If a DD game does contain host addon's they are usually along the lines of an addon that will make your life easier during the game. Teleport or Clans being good examples of them. The game becomes complex enough having to churn turns out 5 days a week.

Alien Infestation

The 'Alien Infestation' games use the ALIENS! host addon which is based on those big ugly critters from the movies. These guys can infect your planets, then your ships and spread like the plague. You can beat them back if you work together with your neighbors. Often times these games will also use some of the more popular game enhancing addon's like Starbase, RacePlus.

Leaf on the Wind

The 'Leaf on the Wind' games are styled on the capture the flag concept. However instead of flag, your goal is to capture enemy flag ships using the Flagship host addon.

These games are an all out ship hunt, with the idea of making players concentrate more on trying to destroy other ships, not capturing planets. The Flag Ship itself can be limited to a set range from any planets, or from its Home planet, or allow unlimited range.

Upon losing their ship, either by destruction or capture, the player has all of their ships, planets, bases and mine fields destroyed. Based on the game settings which ever race captures or destroys the Flagship, may have a percentage of the planets, ships and Priority Build Points transferred to them.

The winner need only be whoever is left playing.

Shadows of the Past

In these games an addon called the Machines of Yore is used to populate the Echo Cluster with ancient artifacts that perform various functions than can help or hinder your race. In addition to the MOY addon another similar yet different addon has been added to the games called Centaurian Legacy. Whether individually used or combined these make a fun and challenging game with lots of surprises.

Pre-Packaged Scenario's

We have a large folder full of user created scenarios that range from extremely simple to very complex. For example one of the most popular of these scenarios is the Star Trek theme Alpha Quadrant. If your interested in playing one ask the host about setting one up.

Blitz Games

Blitz games are small 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 type games that can be completed in a shorter mount of time than a traditional VGA Planets game. In addition to the lower player count these game are played on a smaller map with a smaller ship limit within a specified number of turns established before the start of the game.

Custom Games

Last but certainly not least we offer totally custom games. Sometimes we randomly build a game and at other times we take requests and build a game based on the requests of players. To get a better idea of the game you would like to create take a look at the Team Rules if you're interested in a team game and through the many host addon's, ship list's, map's & scenario's listed on these pages and there are even more in the FTP area.

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