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Alt-Plan 2a
Version: v2a
Type: Freeware
Author: B A N E
Homepage: n/a

Publisher Description
Here's the latest work I've done updating Tim's original resource.pln.

There are a few odd changes from altpln2.

#1: You'll note that the B41 is now a borg diamond.
#2: MBR is enhanced.
#3: Armed Transport doesn't look anything like the SW ship.
#4: Thor/Kittyhawk is somewhat different.

Version: v1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Unknown
Homepage: n/a
Publisher Description
This list was designed to make the races more even, as many players complain that the fighter races have a better chance of winning. I have now made torpedos much more powerful and they are also cheaper. The tech 10 torps are only 27MC. Yes, a big carrier will still beat a big torp ship, but by much less(sometimes they have 90% damage or more) and can then be beaten by a very weak ship. Also, medium ships with torps have become much more important, due to the increased torp strengths. Also, all ships mineral cost is equal to that ships mass.
Version: v1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Desert-Fox & ][avok
Homepage: You're Already There

Publisher Description
CB-List stands for CRASS Bro's shiplist...

This shiplist was designed back in 1998 by Desert-Fox and myself and is made just for use with the Fortress Host add-on by Michael Raith.

FHOST is a mod for VGAP that allows for a very traditional carrier combat experience. This shiplist is designed even the odds and give ALL of the echo cluster races a decent carrier for their civilization so they can maximize the offerings of FHOST.

Is this list perfect? No it's not, and we've found some issues here and there that have been corrected. If you find anything wrong with it, please let us know.

Fleet 2
Version: v1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Bob Duchesneau & Ed Hawks
Homepage: n/a

Publisher Description
We have made an effort to maintain the identifying names created by Tim Wisseman for VGA Planets. This is especially true with regards to terraforming, hyperdrive capabilities, etc. The one race where there is significant renaming of ships is the Evil Empire, where we removed references to real world people, places and things.

In addition to changes in the configuration of ships, we have also detailed changes in weaponry and engines.

  • Torpedoes:
    The redesigned torpedoes should help reduce the disparity between carrier based and torpedo based ships. The reduction in cost of most torpedo launch tubes was to offset the ‘free’ fighter launch bays on all carriers.
    The new torpedoes (Apocolypse and Armageddon) are still expensive. They should be expensive enough that not every little torpedo ship produced will be equiped with them. They are extremely effective.
  • Beam Weapons:
    The reduction in cost of beam weapons should enable those races who use lots of beam weapons to put high tech beams on them. In the past, we NEVER put tech 10 beam weapons on a ship, as it usually doubled the mineral cost of the ship. They are still expensive, but not prohibitively so.
  • Engines:
    No significant changes were made to them. They are now slightly more fuel efficient if you travel at warp speed lower than their maximum safe rate.

When redesigning the racial fleets we attempted to accomplish the following goals:

1. Create a better balance between fleets. This is not an easy task because the host has so much control over the effectiveness of each race, and their special abilities.

2. Create a better balance within a fleet. In the regular fleets, there are many ship designs that are simply not used. We have attempted to redesign the fleets so that all of the ships serve a purpose, and have at least a reasonable chance of them being built.

3. Maintain the theme and feel of each race’s fleet. If a race tends to build certain types of ships, then we tried to maintain that.

Finally, we made these changes while keeping in mind a few host settings. The most important of which is that we expected the engine shield bonus to be turned off. We also think that the fleet works best when minerals are scarce.

We believe that all things together should better balance the 11 races. Hopefully others will agree with us. If you notice any errors or inconsistencies between the DOCS and the DATS please let us know. Feel free to make any constructive criticisms. Use these fleets as you see fit.

Pengerlist 3.07 - Formax
Version: v3.07
Type: Freeware
Author: Sami Lehti
Homepage: n/a
Publisher Description
To be used without s.e. bonus and with no fed crew bonus. Very unbalanced in mineral rich universes.
Pengerlist 3.08 - NGC250
Version: v3.08
Type: Freeware
Author: Sami Lehti
Homepage: n/a
Publisher Description
To be used without s.e. bonus and with no fed crew bonus. Very unbalanced in mineral rich universes.
Version: v2.4
Type: Freeware
Author: Matthias Degenhardt (Degi) and Peter Scholz
Homepage: The Vagabond

Publisher Description
The original PLIST (PLIST1) was crafted by Carsten Pinnow, Thomas Voigt, Steffen Pietsch, and Matt Mueller. It was the basic design for the PLIST 2.4.

However, the old PLIST1 had some unlikely features and unbalances in the race strengths, which were also due to new PHOST features. Vagabund decided to check the old settings, equipment and shiphulls for their building and efficiency value and adjusted the races.

Known PLIST1 features changed in PLIST2:

  • Romulan's D'DERIDEX had no Advanced Cloaking Device
  • Federation had the strongest cloaker (!?!) in space
  • fuel tank of some ships was too small (SPARROW_CBOP, K'VORT_CBOP)
  • cargo room of some ships was too small (e.g. RIGEL_CD, DIMETRODON_CD, GODFATHER_C, SAPHIRE_C), running out of ammo, if they weren't equipped with the best tubes
  • torpedoes were too expensive compared to fighters
  • some of the low tech beams and tubes had a better chance to recharge and hit than the next higher tech ones
  • most low tech tubes weren't worth to build
  • the races 6 (Borg) and 8 (EE) were much stronger than the other races.
  • some races lost interesting ships (CONSTITUTION_CF/Loki, MIRANDA_CR/Eros the Lizard/ Gorn and ARIES_CG/Lady Royale Gambling Ship the Orion/Privateer) compared to the standard shiplist.
  • high tech tubes were too strong compared to fighterbays. A new combat setting was developed for PLIST 2.4
  • maximum income of 3000 mc was too low some ships were still left not worth to build
Version: v3.2
Type: Freeware
Author: Matthias Degenhardt (Degi) and Peter Scholz
Homepage: The Vagabond

Publisher Description
Generally, PLIST 3 bases on PLIST 2. We did our best to keep its basic character: same races and similar race specific shiplists, ships, equipment types, and pconfig.src settings.
However, due to the new PHost 4 features PLIST 3 became much more complex and sophisticated. Playability without a PHost4 supporting client, like VPA, PCC and Echoview, could be a challenge.

PLIST 3.1 updates PLIST 3.0. New PLIST 3.1 features are:

  • [Bug] Some clients do not support hull picture numbers > 151.
  • New hullfuncs were added (HardenedCloak, Commander, IonShield, AdvancedAntiCloak).
  • Federation's Special Feature: At Level 1 crew is experienced enough to equip alls ships with an IonShield.
  • New engine type (Transshield Generator) provides high EngineShieldBonus at low tech level.
  • Adjusted beam  (Desintegrator) and tube(Fusion Bomb) type with high recharge rate at low tech level.
  • Based on the experiences of several games and an intensive discussion during PHost convent 2006 races were re-balanced slightly.

PLIST 3.0 details:

  • New hullfuncs (Un-/cloneable, AntiCloakImmunity, HardenedEngines, Full Weaponary, Level2Tow, Academy, OreCondenser, RepairShip).
  • Split hullfuncs (WarpChunnel Self, WarpChunnel Others, WarpChunnel Target, Planet Immunity, Imperial Assault).
  • Experiences system for planets and ships (planets and ships can reach several experience levels which result in improved combat abilities).
  • Ships gain additional hullfuncs at higher experience levels.
  • Race-specific combat setting modification (each race has specific combat settings, e.g. the Romulan is a good torpedo race, but weak fighter race).
  • Death ray weapons (these weapons ignore shields, cause no hull damage and kill crew directly).
  • Training missions controlled by crew sizes.
  • everal new or revised pconfig.src settings (main differences are described in the PLIST 3 documents).
  • Orion's Special Feature: At Level 4 ORION crew is experienced enough to equip armed ships having one or two engines with gravitonic accelerators.

(Excluded are ships with a cloaking device and two engines (Dreadful with one engine) or in general ships with a glory device)

Ryo's Star Trek Alt-Race
Version: v1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Original by Biomenaced, Modified by Ryo
Homepage: n/a
Publisher Description
This is a version of Biomenaced's Star Trek Alt-race list that I have edited with permission from Biomenaced for a game that I helped set up. -
Ryo Nakamura
Version: v1.1
Type: Freeware
Author: Degi, Thomas Klebes & Matthias Gietl
Homepage: The Vagabond
Publisher Description
The TLIST is a slightly modified original shiplist. Only worthless or weak ships have been changed in order to balance the shiplist of each races in dependence on its race advantage on the one hand, and to give each ship a special intention.


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