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VGA Planets - MSDOS
Version: v3.0
Type: Shareware
Author: Tim Wisseman
Homepage: VGAPlanets.com

Publisher Description
VGA Planets is a graphical, multi-player, play by electronic mail, space war game. This game simulates combat in space between galactic scale empires. The game emphasizes colonization of space and the development of the planets that you will find, colonize and/or conquer. How well you develop these resources will determine what kind of starships (freighters and capital ships) you will be able to produce and how well you will be able to defend your space and attack your neighbors.
VGA Planets - Windows
Version: v3.5
Type: Shareware
Author: Tim Wisseman
Homepage: VGAPlanets.com

Publisher Description
WINPLAN is the latest version of the VGA Planets Player Client. WINPLAN offers the users of VGAP a lot of integrated functions that were formerly taken care of by external utilities. WINPLAN offers auto-plotting of minefields (based on minesweep messages), plotting of Ion Storms, Explosions and a whole lot more.
VGA Planets - Windows
Version: v3.52.025
Type: Patch Released Aug. 5, 2001
Author: Tim Wisseman
Homepage: VGAPlanets.com

Publisher Description
Download Patch file for registered WINPLAN users: WINPLAN 3.52.025 Update

Winplan 3.52.025

Fixed: When one player in a local game exits their race their ship contact data bleeds through to the next player that opens their RST.

Winplan Mobile
Version: 1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Stefan le Sanglier
Homepage: Star-Port.org

Publisher Description
Winplan-Mobile is a packaged portable version of the Winplan VGA Planets Player Client. When this EXE is run it will install in a directory on a portable USB drive and allow you to play the game from your thumb drive on the go. You will need to have your own registry code for Winplan to install. This will NOT leave any traces on your host system.
Version: v0.3.2
Type: Freeware
Author: Lucas Di Pentima
Homepage: GNOME Warpad Homepage

Publisher Description
A 'VGA Planets' client for the GNOME platform.
JVC - Java VGA Planets Client
Version: v0.9.3b-61
Type: Freeware
Author: Lars Dam
Homepage: The Java VGA-Planets Client

Publisher Description
JVC is a powerful tool for playing your games on your favorite platform, Linux, Windows, MacIntosh.
JVPC - Java VGA Planets Client
Version: v0.95
Type: Freeware
Author: Kero van Gelder
Homepage: The JVPC Home-Page

Publisher Description
JVPC is the J ava V GA- P lanets C lient. JVPC is a portable client, running on virtually every JVM you can lay your hands on. It is small enough to run on decent PDA's without becoming too slow. Accompanying JVPC is VPCheck , which can perform various Checks (probable mistakes in your commands) and Actions (automatic command for various boring tasks).

Please Note :

  • JVPC accepts VGA-Planets 3.x (DosPlan) data only, (no WinPlan and no VGAP 1.x, 2.x or 4.x),
  • JVPC was initially aimed at PHost games (reads pconfig.src , mission.ini and hullfunc.dat , but now also messages about minefields and ionstorms are parsed. WinPlan has yet to be done.
  • Shareware planets version detected, but not dealt with,
  • All source is released under the GNU GPL or GNU LGPL!
PCC - Planets Command Center
Version: v1.1.18
Type: Freeware
Author: Stefan Reuther
Homepage: The PCC Home-Page

Publisher Description
Planets Command Center (or PCC for short) is a complete front-end program for Planets. It started as a message-reading and starcharts-with-ion-storms tool in late 1995, and can now be used to play complete turns.

PCC is freeware. It will maintain the shareware limitations of Planets if you don't have registered an original client program, and it will benefit of your registration if you have one.

PCC runs on any computer from a 386 onwards. It is a DOS program, but has been tested under Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, and in Linux's DOSEMU; and may even run on NT. For best comfort, use anything that has 66+ MHz and some Megs of RAM.

Version: v4.54
Type: Freeware
Author: Oleg Shpakov
Homepage: KNEB Planets

Publisher Description
A new multi-purpose VGA Planets client.

New features:

+ New option (in Options window) - "Draw wormhole trace". While on - wormhole trace will always shown. by default it's off.
+ Auto apply changes draw map options (you change it, and in same time you can see how to change map view).
+ Using wormhole data for phost-turn simulation. If one of the end's of wormhole unknown, when it's set to the center of the map.

VPA - VGA Planets Assistant
Version: v3.63
Type: Freeware
Author: Multiple Developers
Homepage: VPA Project Page @ Sourceforge.net

Publisher Description
VGA Planets Assistant (VPA) is an alternative VGA Planets client program for MS-DOS. Suggestions from many experienced players were used in the program design. VPA implements a number of unique features that are unlikely to be ever seen in other VGAP utilities.

VPA works with great performance even on a 286 PC under MS-DOS with plain VGA video adapter and doesn't require you to buy an expensive Pentium/SVGA workstation or mess with MS Windows. VPA is an add-on to DOS PLANETS.EXE, though you'll never have to start PLANETS.EXE any more. And I bet you'll never want to... <g>

VPA will keep your PLANETS registration - if you were registered all tech levels and friendly codes will be available to you, if you were using shareware PLANETS.EXE all the limitations will remain. But in any case your play will be amazingly enhanced and simplified.

Version: ???
Type: Freeware
Author: Hans Wilmer
Homepage: XK Linux Client Homepage

Publisher Description
XK is a client from Hans Wilmer which runs under Linux operating systems.


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