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VGA Planets Developer Profiles

Have you ever sat down and wondered who the people behind the various VGA Planets developer community really are? What they like and dislike and what their dreams are for the future?

Since our site is devoted to the VGA Planets we thought that it would also be fitting to have a VGA Planets Developers Profile section, where you could learn a thing or two behind those that made VGA Planets, and the various enhancements we all use as players and hosts.

Let's start off with some big names that you've most probably heard before:


Tim Wisseman - VGA Planets, Winplan, Planets 4.0.

Brad Doucette - Overlord.

Christoph Doerfler - Tanascius & Manager.

Dan Gale - Starbase+, RacePlus, Asteroid, Jumpgate,
Neutral Zone, RAW & the VGAP Campaign Editor.

Dave Killingsworth - Starbase+, RacePlus, Asteroid, Jumpgate,
Neutral Zone, RAW & Lurkers / Stormfront.

Harry Bur - Z-Explore, Z-Gate, AutoAlly & Zeus.

Kero van Gelder - JVPC, Ruby VGAP Viewer, & Blitz.

Kevin 'Keeper' Foster - UFO4DOS.

Merlyn - Creator of SendTRNPro, VPMagic & VPRegChk Host Utilities.

Michael Raith - Author of FHost.

Oleg Shvartsman - Creator of Nemesis, Gryphon, & Jupiter Host Addon's.

Red Troll - Auto Troll, The Q Computer Player, Troll Mapper

Søren Andersen - SpaceLord Computer Player

Stefan Glasauer - Creator of EchoView.

Stefan Reuther - Creator of PCC.

William Barath - Creator of VPMovie Maker, EditPlan & GodMode.

Wolfgang Merkel - Creator of ABHost, Unity, Explore & WBlank.


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