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Allies v1.0
Addon for VGA-Planets

Author: Pavlos Chatzis

This addon does two things:
1. It restricts the number of ff and FF allies a player can have in a game,
variable from 0 to 10.
2. It allows/disallows certain activities between non-allies. Supported
activities are:

Host.exe processes alliance codes prior to auxhost1 and also creates
the appropriate ingame messages at that point. So if you set a friedly
code of "ffX" or "FFX" to add an ally beyond the maximum number allowed,
you may read that an ally has been added - this addon however disssolves
the alliance status in auxhost1 again.


- Place
ALLIES.EXE into the same dir as host.exe
ALLIES.CFG into the gamedir

- Edit or create AUXHOST1.INI with:
ALLIES <gamedir> 1


In the configuration file you can define who many FF and ff allies the
players will be allowed to have, via

MaxNumFFAllies = X
MaxNumffAllies = X

Please note that once a player sets an FF alliance, host.exe automatically
saves that as ff alliance as well, which means MaxNumffAllies MUST be set
greater/equal to MaxNumFFAllies here. Otherwise the game may get messed up.

Additionally you can define which activities are allowed between non-allies
and which are not, via

FF_miX = 0/1
FF_gsX = 0/1
FF_btf = 0/1
FF_btt = 0/1
FF_btm = 0/1
FF_gpX = 0/1
FF_hiss = 0/1
ff_miX = 0/1
ff_gsX = 0/1
ff_btf = 0/1
ff_btt = 0/1
ff_btm = 0/1
ff_gpX = 0/1
ff_hiss = 0/1

"0" indicates the activiy is not allowed, "1" indicates it is allowed.


Thanks to Tim Wisseman, creator of VGA Planets!
05/2011 - albatross - alb359@aim.com - http://albasoft.de/vgap


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